Celtron Physiotherapy Treatment Device

Believe in Technology, Make the Change

Celtron is a patented brainchild of Quantesla. Celtron is an electrotherapy device, designed for the nextgen Physiotherapists to accelerate rehab. It is the first Physiotherapy device developed in India, with integrated advanced techniques, IOT data module and a content marketing platform for growth.

Our Core Features

Innovative Technology

Based on Quantum Resonance Therapy, a synchronous combination of PEMF therapy and Magneto-Mechanical Oscillations.

Smart Device

Auto data sync with IOT module. User dashboard. Easy generation of reports. Promoting research with data compilation & analytics.

Comprehensive Support

No maintenance and servicing costs. Anywhere real-time support.

Advanced Physiotherapy Device Made in India

Elegant Design

Specially designed for Physiotherapists. Convenient to use. Portable

Pay-Per-Use Model

Revolutionary subscription model. No investment. No liability. No hefty EMIs. Returns from day-one

Skills Upgradation

Regular workshops with hands-on training. Alignment with leading edge technologies. Mentoring for Professional growth.

Indian Physiotherapy Device

Designed By a Physiotherapist For Physiotherapists

A device that promotes faster healing, early recovery, and no side effects definitely is the need of the hour. An era where time is money, we value your time, money and health - all under one roof.

Why Choose celtron

Physiotherapy device for pain relief

For Clinical Results

The device accelerates healing, unlocks human strength and mobility potential, thereby helping in early return to active life. It is effective in wide range of medical conditions, physical disorders and prevention of complications. Venture to this new path to get better clinical results.

Quantum Resonance Therapy

For Professional Growth

Reach the zenith of your career with use of advanced technology and facilities like content marketing. Gain new skills and experiences to be among the best physiotherapists across the nation. With Celtron family, give yourself a better chance to excel.

Therapy device for professional growth of physiotherapists

Technical Manual

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User Experiences

Quantum Resonance Therapy is a very good and new concept. Celtron is a really good and promising device. I think it will give the best results. Proud to be a part of the Quantesla family

Dr Chhaya Rane(PT)

Dr Chhaya Rane(PT)


The concept of QRT is very interesting and mind-boggling. I would like to use it in my practice at the earliest. I am sure it will provide fantastic results targeting the cellular structures of the body.

Dr Chintan Bhindora(PT)

Dr Chintan Bhindora(PT)


Quantum Resonance Therapy is a wonder tool for physiotherapists. A very good concept in the field of healing. I hope it works wonderfully in Neurological and Pediatric cases.

Dr Manjiri Paraswar(PT)

Dr Manjiri Paraswar(PT)